Printed rollers-panels

Regardless of the fabric dimensions of a shading system, its surface is an available space that can be used for printing a customized subject / concept.

Prints on roller blinds & sliding panels

Regardless of the fabric dimensions of a shading system, its surface is an available space that can be used for printing a customized subject / concept. This way, the shade can be promoting your business while it protects your display windows and their contents.

The printed design can be a pattern or part of your corporate identity, the name and logotype of your company, an advertisement or promotional offer, your working hours and other useful information that you wish to have in common view.

The main categories of printable shading systems are the roller blind and the sliding panel.

Sliding panels

Sliding on metallic rail guides, fabric panels are hung in a superimposed manner each with a counterweight at the bottom and move independently of each other, resulting in a very variable effect for shading and space partition (for more information, follow link)

By adding your customized print on a sliding panel, the surface transforms to a means of promoting your work, impressing the onlooker with its photorealistic quality (even with intricate and complex designs) and drawing the attention where you wish it to be focused.

In businesses where space is a always a consideration or when there is need for space compartmentalization for diferrent activities, sliding panels can produce the solution by dividing any space to multiple smaller ones with a simple push.

With the addition of a printed message, the new spaces obtain an identity and their function is clearly denoted (classrooms, sports halls, youth centres, exhibition spaces, galleries, meeting / conference rooms etc.)

On top of that, a white coloured panel can also function as a projection screen for presentations, teaching, lectures etc.)

Roller blind 

For many years, the most common shading device in the market regarding office and professional spaces is the roller blind, mainly due to its very convenient operation and elegant, clean-cut design (for more information, follow link)

Except for the provided shading, a roller blind can also add to the presentation of your business, displaying the company name / logo or conveying your customized message, possibly in replacement of a traditional heavy and expensive shop sign.

With photorealistic printing, a common roller blind can be turned in to a storefront or window ornament, carrying forward the information you want (sales, offers, new products/services etc.) helping you unfold your professional strategy. 

In comparison with other printed displays, the relatively low printing cost of the roller blind, allows you to change the fabrics according to your needs, always retaining the benefits of shade.

As with sliding panels, roller blinds can operate as retractable projection screens for educational or professional purposes.

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