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Shading is a major consideration in contemporary Mediterranean architectural design, especially in bioclimatic structures...

Shading is a major consideration in contemporary Mediterranean architectural design, especially in bioclimatic structures where strict rules regarding the environmental behaviour and energy consumption of buildings must be observed and the maximum interior temperatures are being specified as early as in the conception phase.   

A dark fabric with 3% light permeability can block out 97% of the sun's UV radiation and glare.

At Alloffice, we know full well that workspaces are equally important as our homes because we spend a large part of our day and must be as comfortable as possible. 

Decreasing interior glare and temperature is the first measure we can take and it can be achieved by installing an interior shading system. 

Choosing the right system should be a matter of both effectiveness and aesthetics.

Interior shading systems (single/double/triple rollers, vertical and horizontal blinds, sliding panels, pleated blinds) allow for adjustment of the solar radiation entering a building while, at the same time, improving the appearance of our spaces and becoming key elements of our decorative style.

At the showroom in Marousi, you can see different shading systems side by side and find out which system is suitable for your space.

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In each of the above shading systems, there are many different color qualities and patterns, giving us the possibility to create beautiful combinations with furniture and wall colors that highlight our office spaces, while at the same time freeing us from annoying reflections and the heat that the sun transfers to the interior, protecting the objects and offering comfort to the users of the buildings.

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