Industrial floors

Industrial floors and mats aim to provide safety and comfort for industry workers who mostly work standing up and move in slippery environments.

  • 3M Safety Walk 5270E is an anti-fatigue PVC mat with a vinyl backing and anti-slippery, anatomic, shock-absorbing properties. It evenly distributes the weight, decreasing stress on the legs and back and it is, mainly, used in retail stores, hotels, production lines, kitchens etc.
  • VINAG Alloffice is a highly durable anti-slip floor from hard, flexible PVC suitable for restaurants and industrial / commercial areas. It decreases the standing strain to the worker’s body and helps increase productivity. Its open structure allows for easy drainage of water and liquids, keeping the floor clean and safe.
  • 3M Safety Walk 5100 is an open-structure PVC mat with highly anti-slippery action, even in areas with oils, fats and grease. Its “Z” shaped mesh, allows for good drainage of liquids and removal of small solids. Its anti-fatigue properties for standing workers and its great resistance to mechanical friction and most chemicals, makes it a perfect choice for the tough workplace.

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Our company has been in business since 1975 in the fields of office flooring, carpeting, shading and deco, having achieved an extensive clientele of thousands of satisfied customers.

Among them, a plethora of the most well-known and respected household names, firms and brands in the business world.


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