Exterior shading systems

Exterior shading is the best and most efficient method for the reduction of high interior temperatures in buildings.

External shade systems. Rotating, lifting and with fixed bioclimatic shade applications (Fabric - Aluminum - Wood)

The bioclimatic architectural design of buildings presupposes the use of passive technologies such as external shade systems. Extensive studies have shown that the temperature of built-up areas can be reduced by 5°C to 15°C by applying shading systems.

Alloffice exterior shade systems are fully adaptable to architectural-climatic applications of window shading and bioclimatic systems, indoor, referred to as either simple or special construction (inclined—inclined surfaces).

  • External blinds (aluminium and wood)Shading systems of rotating and lifting blinds, manual and electric.
  • External roller blinds.
  • Atrium - ceiling shading.
  • Architectural stainless mesh (specialized applications) The uses of the mesh are varied and it is used for sun protection,  wind protection, but also for aesthetic reasons.


  • External shading systems can absorb/reflect up to 80% of solar radiation offering energy savings by reducing air conditioning costs by up to 40%.
  • External shading systems provide sun protection and an external view with the ability to adjust the light which allows complete isolation from unwanted looks.
  • By rotating the "continuous flow of motion" of the leaves, light or sunshine is achieved at will and therefore the desired connection of indoor and outdoor space.

The maximum use of natural lighting with simultaneous protection from sunlight ensures not only ideal working conditions but also creates a uniquely pleasant environment. Enhance your home and business space with exterior blinds for perfect protection from natural light, glare and prying eyes.

Ways of operation:

Two different modes of operation are offered for operating the shading systems.

Crank: rotation and lifting operation

Electric drive with automation: This is the most modern way for easy use with static switches or remote control. It is also possible to add additional equipment such as: timers, light sensors, wind sensors and the complete grouping of systems via computer and smartphones.

Specifications - guarantees

  • Galvanized steel frames.
  • Components of aluminium constructions can be available in any RAL colour, in electrostatic painting or anodizing.
  • Motors from well-known international houses in the field of automation, with a 5-year warranty, without requiring user intervention.
  • Wide range of acrylic fabric cloth collection, 100% waterproof, indelible colour, which blocks UV rays and ensures more coolness, with 5-7 years warranty.

Installation - repair

Our company provides technical support for the installation and repair of all shading systems by highly trained personnel all over Greece.


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