Anti-slip flooring

Apart from their great appearance, these floors are extremely durable and suitable for areas with increased traffic and heavy loads like corridors, stairs, ramps etc.

ALLOFFICE has a wide variety of floor covering materials with anti-slip instructions. These floors, in addition to their excellent appearance, also show great resistance in areas with increased use & heavy loads such as corridors, stairs, ramps, etc.


  • Anti-slip floors for boats and pleasure boats.
    Non-slip floors made of vinyl fibres or vinyl fabric without underlay, suitable also for stepping on with bare feet. They are applied to wet surfaces, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, pleasure boats, bathrooms, saunas, gyms, changing rooms, etc. They offer good aesthetic appearance, comfort and safety. For more information


  • Anti-slip floors for professional kitchens & workplaces.
    The non-slip floors referred to in professional kitchens but also in companies that have production processes (laboratories, crafts, industries), have the appropriate requirements so as not to cause accidents in areas where employees or customers move. For more information


  • Anti-slip safety floors
    Anti-skid safety floor is made of high-quality PVC and inlaid aluminum shavings in its entire ice which gives it anti-skid long life and wear resistance. They are used to cover floors in particularly heavy-duty interior spaces as they have excellent mechanical resistance so that no signs of wear and tear appear even after several years. They provide stability to temperature changes and are completely waterproof as the relevant floor connections are heat-sealed with a special cord, ensuring a single circulation surface without visible joints. In addition, it offers perfect cleaning conditions as it does not favour the retention and growth of microbes and microorganisms. It is applied very easily and quickly with a special acrylic adhesive on smooth, dry and clean surface products and is suitable for use immediately after its installation.
  • SBR & EPDM safety floors for playgrounds
    Rubber safety floors in slabs made of a mixture of polyurethane with coloured recycled rubber and EPDM on the final coating surface. It is ideal for playgrounds, playgrounds, nurseries and many other indoor and outdoor uses. For more information


  • 3M anti-slip tapes
    The anti-allergic tape has abrasive elements on the material, which is for surfaces due to continuous use either by pedestrians or by wheeled vehicles, (...Ramps, stairs, corridors, production and storage rooms) A type of tape suitable for stepping on with bare feet is available for swimming pools, spa, saunas, etc. 
  • Stair cover
    Wherever one looks one sees stairs.....small, large, wooden, metal, rolling, carpeted or not. In the subway, in homes, in schools, in public services, in shops, there are stairs everywhere. The protection of people that a safety ladder must for reasons that are not an immediate priority. The internal staircase of a residence or a shop dominates within the area of choice of materials to be applied for the cladding of the thoughts needs special attention considering the safety of the users as well as the interior decoration of the space.

Our company undertakes the coating with synthetic materials and carpets on stairs made of concrete, wood or metal. The application is made with various materials in the form of tiles or sheets


Linings are applied to main or secondary stairs.


Our company has an organized crew for the application and installation of professional materials in most regions of Greece.

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Anti Slip Floor


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