Int. Roller blinds

The roller blind is the most widely used interior shading system worldwide. It consists of a tube mechanism around which the fabric of our choosing is smoothly rolled as it opens and closes.

The roller blind is the most widely used interior shading system worldwide.

It consists of a tube mechanism around which the fabric of our choosing is smoothly rolled as it opens and closes.

Depending on the fabric we use, the roller blind can offer partial shading or total blackout, it is very easy and convenient to use and it can easily match the design style of all interiors.

With the application of special energy-saving fabrics, the roller can deflect the heat of the sun’s rays away form our windows, adding to our thermal comfort and decreasing the cooling expenses of the building.

Except for a shading device, with the right fabric, a roller blind can also be used as a home cinema or an office presentation projection screen.

  • Simple monochrome shading rollers

Rollers which are 100% cotton or synthetic with a simple uniform texture.

  • Shading roller with transparent fabrics

Fabric roller blinds with many shades which are 100% polyester with a simple uniform texture.

  • Shading roller with slow-burning fabrics

Fabric roller blinds in various colors, 100% polyester with special knitting which is flame retardant.

  • Shade roller with natural materials Nature (bamboo, wood, etc.)

Wooden roller blinds in a rustic mood that give a unique natural aesthetic and do not damage the environment. With special treatment for greater resistance to the sun.

  • Shade roller with natural texture fabrics

Rollers which are supplied in many different textures and colors which are 100% cotton or polyester.

  • Shading roller with perforated screen fabrics

They are available in a wide variety of colors, are made of 100% Fiber Glass with a PVC coating, are flame retardant and have a uniform texture

Collections of screen fabrics

  • Sound-absorbing screen fabric suitable for shading business premises that face a noise pollution problem.
  • 3% transmittance ecoscreen fabric, fully compliant with LEED & CRADLE TO CRADLE certificates. 
  • Full or partial Blackout or Dimout shading roller
    Fabric roller blinds in various shades, they are 100% cotton or 100% polyester and have a simple uniform texture.
  • Full Blackout Shade Roller (extra)
    Fabric roller blinds which are supplied in various shades and are made of 100% Fiber Glass with PVC coating, are flame retardant and have a uniform texture.
  • Shade roller with printed fabrics
    Fabric roller blinds which are available in various styles such as baroque, art nouveau, art deco etc. are made of polyester and cotton.
  • Shading roller with antibacterial fabrics
    These rollers consist of 5 designs, are made of 100% polyester and are antibacterial.
  • Energy saver shading roller

In office rollers (roller blinds), special SPC (Solar Protective Coating) fabrics can be used that are made to protect the space from intense solar UV rays (UVA, UVB). These fabrics are available in five transparency levels, from ultra-transparent until complete blackout.

They contribute to the complete control of solar radiation by largely preventing the heat exchange of the space with the outside environment at any moment of the day, creating a comfortable environment in your business space. At the same time, the energy demand of the buildings is significantly reduced by more than 20%.

  • Double rollers, the absolute trend in interior office shading!
    Double rollers come to provide a permanent solution to the problem of shading an office. Simply rotate the zones to the open position and then adjust the required amount of light that you want to pass through the space. The most improved roller in terms of mechanism, offers you the flexibility of switching by stopping the double roller at any point you prefer, allowing visual contact with the external environment or not.

Check out samples of our work:

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In our showroom in Maroussi, you can see physical samples of the different sails for roller blinds and double rollers, as well as their colors.


Suggestions for Roller Blinds

Suggestions for Roller Blinds

Suggestions for Double Rollers

Suggestions for Double Rollers

  • Digital printing of company logos on roller blinds

Printed rollers can make a significant contribution to the image of your company or store as there is the option to print anything on them, from a logo to an all over print of some products, advertisements or patterns.

  • Measurement - Sampling - Installation

A specialized technician visits your place for measurement, sampling and installation.

For customers who are outside Attica, we send the samples at no extra charge by courier!

somfy expert authorized

Our specialisation in installing SOMFY motors in our electrically operated shading systems, allows us to propose the optimal solution for each shading application and offer the highest standards of services (diagnosis, technical and aesthetic advice, pricing and on-site installation)

ALLOFFICE RODAS has been certified by somfy hellas as a SOMFY EXPERT

In collaboration with the leading company in the field of shading motors and automation, (SOMFY), our company provides the possibility of electrification and a wide variety of automations for electric shading rollers for professional spaces. Timers, sun sensors and many more solutions for the requirements of each space with the possibility of grouping shading systems via computer and smartphones.

With the help of Somfy, indoor roller blinds become smart!

Electric roller blinds are the first step in making life at home more comfortable. Light and heat intensity are optimized at all times without you having to think about it. Turn your roller blinds into electric smart roller blinds and enjoy the comfort offered by Somfy.

Most electric shading systems and Somfy automation are available to see and test at our showroom in Marousi, Athens. 

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TaHoma Switch with app


By connecting the TaHoma® Smart HUB to the modem of your business or home, you gain the ability to remotely manage the systems from your Smartphone, through the free Tahoma app!

In winter, if there is sunshine, the shading systems will open so that your space is heated naturally, thus ensuring you energy savings.

In the summer, if it's too hot the shading systems will close automatically ensuring your space stays cool.

In addition, you can create your own scenarios for when your blinds will open and close!

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  •  After-sales service

The rollers are supported with spare parts and service by our company.

Equipment / boxes 


Indicative projects from installations by our SOMFY EXPERT workshop:



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