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Probably the most practical means of carpeting large, heavy and very heavy traffic areas like office buildings, exhibition halls, malls, schools etc., carpet tiles are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear and be exceptionally resistant to stains.

Highly functional and durable, the DESSO Essence simple loop carpet tile is available in 31 vibrantly refreshing colours that can tie in harmoniously with all DESSO Essence Maze, DESSO Essence Structure and DESSO Essence Stripe ranges. This means they can be effectively combined with warm and cool neutral colours. DESSO Essence carpet tile is an impressively simple flooring solution – enabling endless combinations for any interior space.

 In stock.

Product type: Textile floor coverings

Total Thickness: 5.50 mm
Pile weight : 500 g/m² (14.7 oz/yd²)
Commercial class : 33 (intensive use)
Domestic class : 23 (intensive use)
Quality and environmental certifications: ISO 14001

IN HP Essence 9005 8012 7123 001
THH Essence 2915
THH Essence 2923
THH Essence 3820
THH Essence 4218
THH Essence 4413
THH Essence 5012
THH Essence 5420
THH Essence 6408
THH Essence 7123
THH Essence 8012
THH Essence 8904
THH Essence 9005
THH Essence 9031
THH Essence 9036
THH Essence 9095
THH Essence 9515
THH Essence 9523
THH Essence 9975
TH Essence 2925
TH Essence 3842
TH Essence 7075
TH Essence 8413
TH Essence 8803
TH Essence 9092
TH Essence 9096
TH Essence 9502
TH Essence 9504
TH Essence 9507
TH Essence 9926
TH Essence 9981
TH Essence 9991

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