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Our company is a certified Somfy expert partner of SOMFY

Unique technologies such as "Touch motion" open/close​ the curtains with a soft touch, light sensors measure the intensity of the sun and adjust the internal shading (blinds, blinds, royal etc.) according to the demands​ ​protecting the interior of the house, covers, fabrics and​​ ​y​our carpets.

In addition to the traditional RTS radio protocol,​with millions of installed devices worldwide, SOMFY has developed the io-homecontrol® multi-signal wireless technology that enables you to remotely control all your devices in real-time with status reporting, automating all processes (shading systems , Lights, gates, garage doors, heating, alarm system, cameras, sensors, etc.) and incorporating them into the central TaHoma® software, which allows you to easily control y​our​ ​entire ​home or office from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
The system provides maximum flexibility on​ ​adding new devices and an excellent level of security with an exclusive encryption key for each installation.
The "smart home" is here and ​it ​is waiting for you to meet and love it!


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