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Our company is a certified Somfy expert partner of SOMFY

Unique technologies such as "Touch motion" open/close​ the curtains with a soft touch, light sensors measure the intensity of the sun and adjust the internal shading (blinds, blinds, royal etc.) according to the demands​ ​protecting the interior of the house, covers, fabrics and​​ ​y​our carpets.

In addition to the traditional RTS radio protocol,​with millions of installed devices worldwide, SOMFY has developed the io-homecontrol® multi-signal wireless technology that enables you to remotely control all your devices in real-time with status reporting, automating all processes (shading systems , Lights, gates, garage doors, heating, alarm system, cameras, sensors, etc.) and incorporating them into the central TaHoma® software, which allows you to easily control y​our​ ​entire ​home or office from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
The system provides maximum flexibility on​ ​adding new devices and an excellent level of security with an exclusive encryption key for each installation.
The "smart home" is here and ​it ​is waiting for you to meet and love it!


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Our company has been in business since 1975 in the fields of office flooring, carpeting, shading and deco, having achieved an extensive clientele of thousands of satisfied customers.

Among them, a plethora of the most well-known and respected household names, firms and brands in the business world.


If using the Attica Road, you should exit at exit 11 (OTE) and follow the direction to Kifissia.

Then turn diagonally left at the second traffic light you will meet.

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2 K.Theotokou st. & Gardeli st. | Amarousion 15124 

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