Alloffice offers full technical support for the installation of all of our products, through the expertise of our team of professionals. 

The high quality of our products and services, as well as our continuing after-sales presence (modifications, repairs, advice etc.), have won the trust of our clients.

Some of the services offered are:


  • Fitting of carpets, floors, wallpapers and curtains by specialised professionals (EXPERT 3M)
  • Installation of specialty floors like Linoleum, PVC, artificial grass, sports floors etc.
  • Preparation and smoothing of the existing floor prior to new installations with KERAKOLL products


  • Special interior and exterior shading applications with electric motion (SOMFY EXPERT)
  • Repairs and maintenance of shading systems
  • Sewing of curtains and upholstering of furniture in our own workshop


  • We provide integrated technical support in the event of damage to or malfunction of products purchased from our company.
  • We specialise in the provision of professional materials and equipment and undertake the study and fitting of flooring materials and shading systems in large firms, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and sea vessels.


  • Since 2017, we have our own expert team of technicians based in the city of Ioannina, aiming to provide our services in the general region of NW Greece with greater efficiency.